Mandriva 2010

4 November 2009 Leave a comment

The new Mandriva is out! Know its new features here. Download it here.

These wallpapers always look so pretty!

Among other things, includes a new winning alignment of the latest versions of your favorite programs such as Wine, Firefox and!.

In addition, this is the only distribution that has the Moovida Multimedia Center.

Mandriva has never worked me well, I never liked, always seems incomplete. I’ll test it someday.

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Top 10 Biggest Busts

3 November 2009 Leave a comment

The video game industry charm us with their future products through stunning videos and great commercials only to give us a slap in the face when we discovered the shit that the product is. ScrewAttack has made a list of the 10 major failures in video games. And is very good:


… Wait a moment, where is Too Human?

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Seriously, there are too many Linux distributions

2 November 2009 Leave a comment

Still think that they are not sufficient Linux distributions?, do you think that while more elections there will be more users or developers?, do you think that so will the community be better?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Hannah Montana Linux!

It's Miley

I knew that one day this was going to happen, some insane guy would play to be god and will create a senseless Linux distribution and a Hannah Montana one. Come on, simply it could be created some package theme from KDE4 (although I don’t know if is possible) of Hannah Montana, but noooo, it had to be a distro.

According to the official site, Hanna Montana Linux has these great features:

  • Based on Kubuntu
  • KDE4
  • Hannah Montana theme

But after thinking well, this not bad, more than that, to me this is now the best Linux distribution ever made!, this is the only Linux distribution able to compete with Windows 7 and Mac OS Snow Leopard!

PS: To counteract the awesomeness of  Hannah Montana Linux, I decided to create a Hannah Montana theme for Windows 7:

It's Miley! You can download it here.

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Ubuntu 9.10

31 October 2009 2 comments

The new Ubuntu is out! Know its new features here. Download it here.



Among other things, includes a new winning alignment of the latest versions of your favorite programs such as Firefox, F-Spot and!.

I will see how good is this new version. Lucky or unfortunately, Ubuntu 9.10 came out almost at the same time as Windows 7; and the linuxers are very persistent in saying that Ubuntu (or Linux in general) are not only ready for the desktop user but are also real competitors to Windows on the desktop, so because of that I will begin to compare them.

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Inglorious Bastards

30 October 2009 Leave a comment

I saw it like 4 times and still seven causes me tension! The new work of Tarantino is in my opinion the best movie of 2009.


It is rare, some of my friends not like them. I suppose it is because the humor that the movie handles, it must not take it so seriously.

By the way, he is the true Hugo Stiglitz:


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Problems with openSUSE 11.2

28 October 2009 Leave a comment

After reading the next openSUSE 11.2 features, I like to install it again to see how well were the improvements.


One of the things that most bother me with openSUSE was the downloading and installing of packages. YAST2 is very powerful but find a package was complicated; in addition, when you installs multiple packages, YAST2 stars downloading one, then installs it and then continued with the second, what that slows the downloads and used cause conflicts if the installation stopped for some reason. I Assume that openSUSE 11.2 has already solving these problems. So I decided to download and install the RC with KDE4, also supposed that had greatly enhanced improvements (the last time I use KDE was version 4.1).

My first problem was that my laptop only had 30 GB free. I didn’t want to spend more space, so the plan was to install openSUSE on an external hard drive. The second problem was that I didn’t want to install GRUB in the MBR of my laptop; I was sure that I going to uninstall the distro in one or two days so I don’t want the openSUSE’s GRUB.

The Installation was easy, is the classic openSUSE installation, complicated but you spend it by pressing a button, the disk partitioning window and the GRUB window are the most complicated that I have seen in a distribution, and that cause that I accidentally install GRUB one NTFS partition with very valuable information, that provoke that not only openSUSE din’t install successfully, but also I take 3 hours of my life in restoring the data from the NTFS partition.


At the end after three attempts, I finally install openSUSE (if you are going to install Linux on a external hard drive, I recommend you to install /boot in your local hard disk ). KDE is pretty! very incomplete and unfinished, but pretty. Unfortunately, I never tried YAST, since NetworkManager didn’t work. I have enough, I’ll try it another day.

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Apple lost his style

24 October 2009 Leave a comment

I remember the first time I saw these commercial, were great; I wanted to try a Mac because everything they said about Windows XP (and subsequently Vista) were very certain: Windows freezes, Microsoft spent too much on advertising, and Mac didn’t had malware.

But things are changing, with the release of Windows 7 those things that Apple said are now history, so Apple decided to create three new spots, although now seem a little different:

LOL! Are they using fear and the "satisfaction customer" to promote Mac?, were are those commercial where Mac attacks Windows with everything they have?

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