List of [TM]s

This is the incomplete list of Linux Hater’s Trademarks that the Author of [TM] Repository ask me the favor to post it on my blog:

AllUsersAreDevelopers[TM]— This argument assumes that any and all users who use Linux become proficient at a applicable programming language. Once again, this has no causality or basis in reality, information retention and learning do not work that way. See also: KernelHackingIsEasy[TM] and EveryoneCanBeAC++Coder[TM]. Example: “Yes, true, and why shouldn’t I be mean to you? You complain, you consume, you don’t do anything for making all this more easy. I don’t consume, I don’t complain when something breaks, because I try to use my “Brain” device and try to workaround those things. You do it on Windows, too. If something breaks, you reboot your Windows, and I look into the source. Your fix is nofix, my fix is “a fix” or a “bugreport” to someone who could possibly fix this problem.” (Archive).

AllWomenWantIsAMenstralCalander[TM]— As indicative of sexism within the Linux community, a female user is assumed as only having feminized needs. These needs can be summarized as either related to sexual hygiene or typical gender rolls. Example: “Probably, too, the main purpose wouldn’t be the selection of packages, as is the case with Edubuntu — although possibly mencal or some other menstruation calendar might be on the desktop’s default panel. Yet, despite the satirical opportunities in stereotyping, I doubt that a woman’s distro would resemble the pink OMG Ponies theme that Slashdot sported for April Fool’s Day in 2006.” (Archive)

AllWorkloadsAreTheSame[TM] — This argument assumes that two processors regardless of hardware or intended usage will process data in a uniformly measurable way. It assumes that specialized hardware does not exist. See also: FindObscureChipsetsThatNobodyUses[TM].

Anydaynow[TM]— Said in response to a desired feature that is not present on a development list, the desired feature in question is usually mot coded. See also: Justarounfthecorner[TM] and RightAroundTheCorner[TM].

ARMageddonIsComing![TM] — The argument that ARM processors will eventually replace all others, especially on mobile devices, so that Windows can not run on any form of computer. See also: X86CPUIsDying[TM] and x86IsGoingAway[TM].

BloggerRunsOnLinux[TM] — A categorical error of a argument used to criticize Linux Hater’s Blog. While Linux is being criticized for its performance on the desktop, an attempt to shift focus to Linux as a server.

BootIntoWindowsPartition[TM] — An excuse made due to the fact that Linux lacks comparable native software. A user is forced to dual boot inorder to accomplish a task. Example: “”How to” Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 (Ubuntu installed first)” (Archive).

ButItsFree[TM] — If a user is using a free Linux operating system, said user can not complain about problems and will receive no help what so ever. See also: LinuxIsn’tReallyFree[TM]. Example: “You get your stupid Linux Kernel and Linux Distro for free, I repeat, You don’t pay anything for it, so why should something given away for free pay a license fee, that you can watch DVD?” (Archive).

ChicksDigAdobeSoftware[TM] — This overly generalized statement states that only a flash editor is required to draw women to Linux. It ignores the profound amounts of sexism within the Linux community and assumes that all females only use a computer of one set of specific tasks. Example: “Chicks dig Adobe software. Seriously. I can’t get any of my girlfriends hooked on Linux because they all use Flash or Premiere or Indesign or something.” (Archive)

CLIIsHoldingLinuxBack[TM] — A rather ironic argument stating that the command line / terminal is the cause of why Linux is not adopted in mass.

CLIMakesUAllSmartAndStuff[TM] — The argument that using only the command line somehow increases a user’s knowledge of computer science and operating systems. See also: CLIHasMysticalGonadPowers[TM].

CultureXLovesLinux[TM] — Advocates will find some group of people who use Linux (but probably for repetitive tasks) and say how that’s evidence that popularity is exploding. Never mind that many more groups of similar size exist for competing systems and that the tiny concentration in question doesn’t affect the known average. (Archive).

DesktopsAreGoingAway[TM] — The argument that laptop computers will eventually replace desktop computers, used to detract from any critism of Linux on the desktop.

Don’tTouchMyCheese[TM] — A surprising and ironic backlash against the alteration of guided user interfaces (GUI) by various members of the Linux community. See also: OMG GPL PURITY RELIGION BLASPHEMY![TM].

DrinkyPooSaidSo[TM] — A appeal to authority pertaining to the user DrinkyPoo. Everything this user says is accepted as reality.

EsotericArcaneCommandsMakesYouProductive[TM] — The argument that only the command line interface can increase productivity while a guided user interface can only decrease productivity. This argument rests upon the assertion that guided user interfaces require more memory. The questions of how and why this decreases productivity are met with ‘because it does!!!’ and hostility. See also: CommandLineIsSuperior[TM].

EverytingHasNetworkTransparency[TM] — Due to the shortcomings (ie being able to do anything related to sound) of PulseAudio and the ALSA, a user is forced to stream sound data over his local area network to his or her speakers in order to hear sound. Don’t have a LAN? Then you are screwed. See also: UseEsotericWorkarounds[TM].

FixingBugsIn300MegabytesOfC++IsEasy[TM] — The argument that large C++ projects can be easily managed and maintained with a lack of manpower. See also FixingBugsIn300MegabytesOfCIsEasy[TM] .

ForkIt![TM] — The idea that the greater number of copies of the same software the greater the quality. Each copy is referred to as a fork. See also: YouMustForkIt![TM], LetsForkIt[TM][TM], PutAForkInIt[TM] and RollDatKernelMyBrotha[TM]. Example: “Since then, development has been divided into two projects: Compiz, which includes the core functionality and basic plugins, and Compiz Fusion, which includes utilities and more plugins. In theory, the two projects were supposed to merge, but in practice, that has never happened. The projects still maintain separate web sites, mailing lists, and bug trackers, despite the fact that most developers of one project also work on the other.” (Archive).

FO$$Purity[TM] — The fanatic belief that any and all software that is not entirely open source or licensed with GNU is evil, no exceptions. Se also : AnyoneWhoCriticizesLinuxLovesMicrosoft[TM] and CriticizingLinuxIsOhSnapGodwin’ed[TM].

FO$$tard[TM] — A ignorant zealot of the Free and Open Source Software movement. See also: F$FShill[TM] and LinuxYouth[TM].

F$F[TM] — The Free Software Foundation.

F$FShill[TM] — A paid employee of the Free Software Foundation. His or her job is to spin any and all information in a positive light for the Open Source movement.

GoogleUsesLinux[TM] — The argument that since Google uses a specialized Linux operating system for servers and services that Linux is the best choice for the desktop. This argument was amended to include that since Google is using a fork of the Linux kernel for Chrome, Linux is the best operating system of the desktop.

Gold![TM] — As used on Linux Haters Blog, a common response whenever someone posts a hilariously stupid statement. The word gold is used as a hyperlink to a music video of ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet. Example: “@ November 15, 2009 1:28 PM “Yes, and Linux simply has too few distros!” That deserves one of these:
Gold! (Archive)

GreaterThanGuy[TM] — A troll who does little more than post comparisons such as “Linux > Windows” or “Gimp > Photoshop.” Any explanation for those comparisons is not given.

HalfBakedUnfinishedClusterFuck[TM] — An argument directed towards the Android project, though it can be generalized to all of Linux, that forcing developers to create different applications for different versions of an operating system is a sign of organizational problems. See also: PlayingTennisWithoutANet Example: “More than one developer has told us that this isn’t just a matter of debugging their existing application to ensure that it works on the various handsets. They say they’re going to have to build and maintain separate code for various Android devices. Some devices seem to have left out key libraries that are forcing significant recoding efforts, for example. With others, it’s more of a mystery.” (Archive).

Hatertard[TM] — A derogatory term used by FO$$tards and LinuxYouth[TM] against LinuxHaters[TM] based on the fact that LinuxHaters[TM] hate Linux.

ILikeMyShitAllOldNShit[TM] — The constant reliance upon antiquated hardware and software. Antiquated hardware due to finical limitations (see dumpster diving) or being cheap. Antiquated software due to the fact that it tends to break after applying an update. See also: LinuxSavesOldHardaware[TM].

ItsAboutTheAppsStupid![TM] — The argument against Linux, specifically that due to a lack of native applications (caused by development difficulties) Linux is unable to compete against other operating systems. See also: YouOnlyUseWindowsBecauseYouAreUsedToIt[TM].

ItsAllAboutFreedom[TM] — The religious belief that “Freedom” according to Richard Stallman will result in the mass adoption of Linux, software with no cost, no need for licenses and increased education for all. How or why this will happen is never explained. Example (Spanish) : “Pero te recuerdo que lo de recomendar a CASI todo el mundo GNU/linux, es una cuestión de libertad. Sí y me explico. Para la inmensa mayoría de usuarios domésticos (imagino que tu abuela está entre ellos XD) SÍ les sobra con las aplicaciones GNU y por lo tanto con el núcleo Linux: les costaría casi menos aprender a manejar OpenOffice que mantener su Win libre de virus y demás (y ninguna de las dos son complicadas ¿ok?). Y en el 80% de los pc’s de la administración pública… igual (si no es más) y la pasta de las licencias se quedarían en el país (en soporte local y/o becas de desarrollo de software, según necesidades), en vez de en EEUU.” Translation (English): “But I would remind you that CASI has recommended GNU/linux, it is a matter of freedom. For the vast majority of home users (I imagine your grandmother is among them XD) without the GNU applications and therefore with the Linux kernel it would cost them less to learn how to use Open Office which is virus free as compared to other Windows software and is not complicated. And 80 % of pc ‘ s… same (if not more) public administration and license complications would remain in the country (local support and/or software needs development grants), rather than in the United States. (Archive).

ItsMostlyWorking[TM] — A common scenario were hardware has limited to no function while a user is using a Linux operating system. See also: YouHaveTheWrongHardware[TM].

ItWorkedForTheOtherFiveBillion[TM] — An argument that can be summarized as: choose a random number, claim that that many people have been satisfied with Linux (eg Ubuntu 9.10), show absolutely no proof, ????, YearOfTheLinuxDesktop[TM]!

IWantToBelieve[TM] — The argument that market share pertaining to Linux will somehow surpass all others. In addition, no reasonable explanation or evidence is given as to why this will happen. See also TheWindowsKiller[TM] and TheRevolution[TM].

JustBingIt![TM] — A subversion of JustGoogleIt![TM] used on Linux Hater’s Blog.

JustGetAConsole[TM] — An excuse to compensate for the lack of video games and video game developwe attention towards the Linux operating system. This excuse states that video games are not really meant to be played on a computer and are ment to be played on a console despite the large market computer games. See also: BuyAGameConsole™ and ComputersAreNotMeantForGames™.

JustGoogleIt![TM] — Said in response to a user requesting help rather than providing help. See also: RTFMGoogleItN00B[TM] and EveryoneHasTimeToGoogleShitAllDayLong[TM].

JustUseChmod777[TM] — An argument against Access Control Lists that can be sumerized as extreams of all right or no rights is more secure than granular permissions. See also: YouDontNeedGranularPermissions[TM] and ItsAllOrNothingBaby[TM]. Example: “ONLY the file that was already executable had full execution bits added – try THAT with Windows! (If you did want to change all the files, you’d use “chmod a+x a b c”) But I’m being silly. People will continue to “chmod 777″ anytime they have a problem. Program doesn’t work? Chmod 777. unexpected error? Chmod 777. Grinding noise inside the computer? Chmod 777. Too hot in here? Chmod 777.” (Archive)

LinusUsesGNOME[TM] — A mile stone and appeal to authority in the feud between KDE and GNOME users. Yet another schism within the Linux community.

LinuxDesktopCanDoNoWrong[TM] — Paranoid statement(s) of a striking Orwellian theme. Any and every problem with Linux is a fabrication by M$Shills[TM] as part of a conspiracy to destroy Linux. See also: MicrosoftCanDoNoRight[TM], ThoseKoalaBugReportsAreFake[TM], LiesAreFacts[TM] , FactsAreLies[TM] LinuxIsTheCureToCancerAndEverything[TM], ItsGoodBecauseItsNotMicro$soft[TM] TheFO$$IsStrongInThisOne[TM] and 2+2=5[TM].

LinuxFileSystemsDontFragment[TM] — The argument that Linux files systems do not fragment despite usage. The presence of defragmentation software for Linux shatters this argument rather quickly. One such example is shake. Example: “Re: Why don’t Linux drive fragment? Because Linux systems generally use a journaling file system. What this means is that the file system checks first where the file can fit and puts it there instead of just writing the data starting from the first available block in the hard drive.” (Archive)

LinuxHater[TM] — A person who has endured (voluntary or forcefully) a Linux operating system and decided to inform other about its numerous pitfalls.

LinuxIsMasterbatingMonkeyFree[TM] — A mile stone of the feud between Linux and BSD users, a typical nerd fight complete with sexually themed insults. Security vulnerabilities come second to general bugs. Based upon the quote by Linus Travolis. The example: “Security people are often the black-and-white kind of people that I can’t stand. I think the OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys, in that they make such a big deal about concentrating on security to the point where they pretty much admit that nothing else matters to them.” (Archive)

LinuxRunOnSupercomputers[TM] — The argument that due to a specialized Linux operating system present on select models of super computers or clusters means that Linux is the best choice for the desktop.

LinuxTeachesComputerScience[TM] — The argument that learning BASH shell commands results in a firm understanding of the field of computer sciences. As expected, this argument lacks any causality or grounds in reality. See also Linuxmakesmesmartandstuff[TM] and LearningArcaneCLICommandsIsLearningCS[TM].

M$IsDying[TM]— The argument that any and every loss of market share or profit is irrefutable evidence of Microsoft’s rapidly approaching collapse.

M$Shill[TM]— The accusation that any and everyone who criticizes Linux or disagrees with the GNU philosophy is a paid employee of Microsoft.

NotSmartEnoughForIrc[TM]— The argument that only a select group of older Linux users, who represent themselves as an intellectual elite, use the best means of community discussion (IRC).

NotSmartEnoughForLinux[TM]— Rather than acknowledge that a user requires help with his or her Linux operating system (and provide help), the user’s intelligence is insulted. See also: LinuxIsForSmartPeople[TM] and TooDumbForlinux[TM].

OnlyDummiesBuyNewHardware[TM]— A variant of ILikeMyShitAllOldNShit[TM] , it is the forced reliance upon outdated hardware due to a lack of working drivers or any form of a driver for new hardware.

OnlyIdiotsUseBackups[TM] — The argument that nothing can cause Linux operating system to loose data or cease functioning. See also: Linuxisinvincible[TM] and LinuxDesktopIsInvincible![TM].

OnlyOiaohmKnows[TM] — Dedicated to the user Oiaohm on Linux Hater’s Blog, a bug or defect is pointed out that can neither be demonstrated or have information provided. See also: OnlyOhioHamKnows[TM], OiaohmIsFullOfShit[TM], OnlyOhioHamCares[TM], OiaohmIsAPathologicalLiar[TM], OiaohmSmokesCrack[TM] and OiaohmRidestheFailTrain[TM].

OpenSolarisLinux[TM]— A common mistake made by teen or tween script kiddies, they identify Open Solaris as a Linux distribution. Its origin (Archive).

OpenSourceNotHumanRights[TM]— As indicative of sexism within the Linux community, male coders are considered to have less needs than female coders due to being a majority. The greater needs of female codes are blamed for the decline of the Open Source movement. See also: FeminismIsTheHatredOfMen[TM]. Example: “Now the opensource movement is a leaky shell of it’s former self and DOES kick out men who are anti-feminist / anti-women’s rights (Debian has done this) regardless of their great contributions to the platform. The opensource movement is now becoming yet another worthless ‘human rights’ project more and more aimed at appeasing women’s demands, and it is losing men for that.” (Archive).

PatchRejectedMailingListTestosterone[TM]— Read the Linux Kernel Mailing list and watch the hormone fueled nerd infighting.

PeopleJustSurfOnTheWeb[TM]— The argument that must computer users only use an operating system to surf the web, and read email.

RealMenTalkInC[TM]— A No True Scotsman fallacy and schism in the Linux Community. This schism is between those who use C and the C++ programming language. Se also: RealMenTalkInCt++[TM].

RedHatSells$upportSoEveryoneCan[TM]— The argument that selling support generates enough revenue to run a business. The company RedHat is seen as the model example.

RefrigeratorsRunLinux[TM]— The argument that because a Linux operating system runs on a embedded device Linux is the best choice for desktop computers and laptop computers. Example: “It’s like claiming that VxWorks is the ultimate desktop operating system on the grounds that it powers the Mars Rovers (as well as many of NASA’s satelites).” (Archive)

RibbonIsJustAFad[TM]— A schism in the Linux community that resulted in a backlash against Open Office. This was a protest against the copping of Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon GUI. They name those who support the ribbon GUI ‘Renaissancers’. Ironically, such copying is nothing new to the Linux community. Example: “People hating OpenOffice Renaissance project that is trying to copy Micro$oft Ribbon and port this on Openoffice, damaging usability and productivity, can sign this petition.” (Archive)

Shiftblame[TM] — The argument that what ever the problem, any of its causes are never the Linux operating system regardless of reality. See also: BlameOthers[TM], ShiftBlameOnOthers[TM] and ItsYourFaultWeSuck[TM].

ShowUsYourSource[TM] — The constant demand by the Linux community to see the source code any software in focus. The purpose of this demand is to ensure FO$$Purity[TM] in all software through bad publicity. See also: ShowUsYourCode[TM].

SixMonthsFromNow[TM]— The regularly scheduled (every six months) next release will solve all of a user’s difficulties. Not only does the next release not solve said difficulties, it may introduce even more difficulties.

Slavetard[TM]— A derogatory term used to refer to anyone who exchanges money for goods or services, primarily software. See also: $lavetard.

SourceForgeDeath[TM] — The fate of many open source projects. This occurs when a development team suddenly abandons their project and decides not to notify anyone. The project’s website will remain on the internet as a ghastly reminder of the pitfalls of open source. Example: “Dramatically ugly, unusable, slow, badly animated and unconsistent. Open source development without a serious, expert maintainers can result in chaotic growth of the project and waste of human resources into pointless code. The Compiz-Fusion project is certainly the most representative example of all this.” (Archive)

StableKernelApisAreForPussies[TM] — To the Linux community the challenge of coding is held greater that the achievement of coding stable software. The direct result of this are unstable kernels, APIs, ABIs and drivers. In other words, when attempting to code software for Linux, you must aim for a moving target. If you are lucky, expect your software to break at regular intervals. See also MakeItHarderNotSmarter[TM].

TakeUpOurReligiousCause[TM]— A variation of ButItsFree[TM]. Any social institution which includes but is not limited to: companies, foundations, organizations, governments, counsels, committees, depar[TM]ents and international bodies are at fault for the shortcomings of Linux. They are to be prosecuted for the glory of GNU. Example: “Instead of complaining here, complain to the Media Industry, that they don’t give you the right to play your legally bought property anywhere you want, or, if you would like to pay for a Linux Distro, pay for it, I think especially Company C. would be glad to fork Ubuntu and give you what you want for some hundred bucks (for the license fee).” (Archive).

TenPerCentMoreAndItsAnAllele[TM]— This argument states that Linux is a peculiar statically abnormality. Given ten percent more of a market share and Linux will become dominate. How this will occur is not rationally explained.

TheCloudWillKillM$[TM]— The argument that cloud computing will somehow result in the immediate downfall of Microsoft. How or why this will occur is still a mystery.

ThisShitRunsLinux[TM]— A comic subversion of BloggerRunsOnLinux[TM] due to the fact that the comment engine is still broken and the blog itself lacks features. Example: “”«Oldest ‹Older 1401 – 1298 of 1298 New” ThisShitRunsLinux™” (Archive).

TooManyCooksSpoilTheBroth[TM]— An argument originating from the OpenBSD community. This argument states that there is a maximum number of people who can contribute to a project before disorganization and chaos sets in. See also: TooManyCooksSpoiltheSoup[TM].

TooManyMushrooms[TM]— A comment pertaining to the dilated or contracted pupils observed in the videos of LinuxYouth[TM]. It seems as if they were almost high on a psychoactive substance.

Ubuntard[TM]— A concatenation of “Ubuntu” and “Retard.” A user of the Ubuntu Linux operating system who, in general, believes that the or she is an expert in the field of IT, computer science, or the Linux OS in general strictly because you use Ubuntu to browse the web, chat with your buddies, and do other end user things. (Archive)

UbuntuForcedDeathMarch[TM]— Somehow, releasing beta grade software will be more stable and have less bugs than full tested software. See also: ReleaseEarlyReleaseOften[TM], AlphaIsReallyAnBeta[TM], BetaIsReallyAnAlpha[TM], ReleaseCandidateIsABetaWhichISAnAlpha[TM].

UnicornSunshineLinuxEverywhereLand[TM]— When a person’s view of reality is based upon his or her of Linux being installed and accepted everywhere, reality need not apply. Example: “I’ve disinfected four laptops with AMD (“ATI”) graphics chips who were pre-infected with the Windows by electronics stores this month alone. The Windows “market share” is highly over-rated, it is really a question of counting people who are forced to pay for the Windows because it is bundled with hardware they buy or counting people who are actually using it. I also strongly suspect that the fglrx market share numbers are highly inflated as it is a piece of trash.” (Archive).

UseAVirtualMachine[TM]— Users are forced to use virtualized Windows to accomplish a necessary task due to the failing of Wine. This is due to the fact that Linux lacks a comparable native application. Example: “Give it a try under Wine first, then Windows under VirtualBox or VMware.” (Archive)

UseDistroX[TM]— The claim that switching to another distribution of Linux will solve all of a users problems. See also UseYogiAndBooBoontoo[TM] and JustSwitchToDistroX[TM].

UseEsotericWorkarounds[TM]— The argument that any problem’s solution can never be simple or straightforward.

UseW(h)ine[TM]— An excuse given when Linux does not have comparable native software. A user is forced to use Wine to poorly emulate Windows and barely run Windows software. Example: “Some Windows applications run quite well on it, others are a little buggy, while some are quite stubborn, and don’t run at all!” (Archive).

VonSchlieffenPincerManeuver[TM]— freetardia theory that by catering to the the sysadmin/source-code-hacker types on the one hand, and grandma/Aunt Tillie on the other, they can win market share. Like the Nazis, they utterly failed. (Archive). Example: “Like a lot of technically savvy people, I’m the default technical support person for friends and family. I’ve no problem with that, but I can’t spend all my time answering my mother-in-law’s questions and worrying about what malware she might stumble over. So, I put desktop Linux on her laptop — and ever since then I’ve had a lot fewer late night calls.” (Archive).

WindowsHasTooManyGames(TM)- The argument that software development for Windows operating systems has been engulfed by video game development. The theorized result is two fold: nothing other than games can be developed for Windows and the increased number of video games causes a sharp decrease in the overall quality of said video games. Example: “Well the big advantage that non-windows operating systems have in gaming is that the bar to making windows games is so low that there are multitudes of Indy game developers on windows and it is nearly impossible to sort out the gems from the cruft. Windows simply has too many games.” (Archive).

WindowsIsOnlyGoodForGames[TM]— An attempt to detract from the argument that Linux lacks modern native games due to unnecessary programming obstacles.

Windows=Apocalypse![TM]— The radical belief that the Windows operating system and by extension Microsoft is the embodiment of all that is evil and wrong with humanity.

W(h)ineIsNotAWindowsEmulator[TM]— Wine only emulates the Windows API, file system and kernel.

WhoNeedsLargeFilesWithExt4Anwyays[TM]— A variation of YouDon’tNeedThat[TM] pertaining the data loss bug when using a ext4 file system, a proper fix has yet to surface. See also: YouDontNeedStableFilesystem[TM], YouDontNeedYourFiles[TM].

WobblyWindows[TM]— The argument that Compiz will make Linux appeal to any and all, when it does not bring Linux crashing down. See also: SaranWrapOnMyWindow[TM] and SpinningCube![TM] and ZOMGSpinningCube![TM].

WordsSquishedTogether[TM]— A criticism of the ™ meme, often parodied never surpassed.

WorksForMe[TM]— Stated in response to a person asking for help due to a problem with their Linux operating system on a forum or blog. It must be noted that the person who makes such a statement will provide no help what so ever. See also: WorksOnMySystemSoItsWorking[TM] and ItWorksForYou[TM]. Example: The original post! (Archive).

WorksForMeWithModifications[TM]— A particular hack has solved a specific problem for one person, this hack does not work for all others. Its origin (Archive).

WorksForSome[TM]— Similar to that of WorksForMe[TM] except multiple users literally post ‘works for me’ and still do not provide help or ineffectual help. See also WorksForUs[TM].

YearoftheLoonixDesktop[TM]— A particular distribution of Linux will cause Linux to become more accepted and applied than any other operating system for desktops. As expected, no evidence or causality can be demonstrated. See also YearoftheLinuxDesktop[TM] and DailyThingThatWillTakeLinuxMainstream[TM]. Example: “When Evans Data released its survey on Tuesday showing a sharp shift toward Linux (and away from Windows) among developers in North America, the Linux world went wild. Wistful pengiun heads heralded the coming Open Source Age.” (Archive).

YearOfTheThinClient[TM]— The argument that all media centers will follow a specific processing model. This model dictates that processing and data storage will be handled via distributed computing. See also: YouMustConstructAdditionalRenderStations![TM].

YouBetrayedLinux[TM]— Backlash from the Linux community when a supporter, whether a person or company, uses multiple operating systems / platforms. Those using a Windows partition or VM are somewhat excluded, they are not considered ‘pure’. Example: RedHat (Archive).

YouDon’tNeedThat[TM]—Stated when a Linux user or entire community can not enable functionality for a hardware device or software. Example: Fonts (Archive).

YouDontNeedTheLatestVersion[TM]— An excuse made to detract from the fact that software Linux repositories are always behind their Windows and MAC OS X versions. This is due to the fact that any software developer will have to code and recode their software for multiple versions of Linux at any given time. See also: Disco-eraRepositorySystem[TM] (Gold![TM]). Example: “Ubuntu users still have to wait for updates via the Update Manager or grab Firefox 3.5.5 from the Mozilla website.” (Archive).

I’m trying to make an article for Encyclopedia Dramatica with these Trademarks and make articles for Linux Hater’s Blog and “Freetard” definitions, but it will take me some time to complete it :D

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